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Virtual Workshops $49.99/single $89.99/double

1. Writing Literature Reviews    Fri., March 17, 2023 – 7pm

Learn how to find sources efficiently, organize the chapter, and synthesize topics when writing your Literature Review.

2. Tackling the IRB               Sat., April 17, 2023 – 12pm

Learn what’s needed for the Institutional Review Board (IRB) application, including permission documents, participant recruiting documents, informed consent, & confidentiality parameters.

 3. Mock Defense                 Sun., April 16, 2023 – 1pm

Ready to practice your proposal or final defense? Here’s your chance to get a few tips and tricks, as well as present your research to a panel of doctoral professors and recent graduates. Get verbal and written feedback to perfect your defense before the big day!

Workshop Series $64.99/single $199.00/series


Having trouble with your Methodology chapter? Dr. Lisa is here to help! 3P is offering four workshops that will help you in “Managing Methodology.” Beginning with the options for quantitative and qualitative methods, to training on how to interview or develop a survey, and ending with how to ensure validity and reliability or trustworthiness, this series will get you ready to write and perform your research.

Workshop 1.                        Tues., March 21, 2023 – 7pm Let’s Start with Methodology Options                         

Workshop 2.                      Thur., March 23, 2023 – 7pm Let’s Conduct an Interview      

Workshop 3.                        Tues., March 28, 2023 – 7pm Let’s Create a Survey        

Workshop 4.                      Thur., March 30, 2023 – 7pm Let’s Talk Validity, Reliability, & Trustworthiness               


 Virtual Coaching Hour $14.99/session

You’ve got questions…Dr. Lisa has answers! Join her in this open forum Q&A session to discuss all things doctoral. All participants are guaranteed that at least one question will be answered by Dr. Lisa either live or via email after the event. 

Wednesdays at 7pm      March 15, 2023                  April 5, 2023                       April 12, 2023

 The Writer’s Room $99.00/session $349.00/series

Do you need a dedicated, quiet place to write? Away from distractions? If you live in or near the DC, Maryland, Virginia area – then join Dr. Lisa in Laurel, MD to just WRITE. Dr. Lisa will be on hand to help you through any trouble spots and you will get a 20-minute one-on-one coaching session. Let’ get to writing!

Saturdays, 10:15 am-1:45 pm

March 18, 2023                March 25, 2023                  April 1, 2023                       April 8, 2023

Registrations for all events are open until full or date of event, whichever occurs first. All times are based on Eastern Standard Time.

For more information about these events, please email info@perfectedpapersplus.com.