Academic Editing

Standard Copy Editing

Standard copy editing is line editing, which includes proofreading for spelling, grammar, and typos, as well as recommendations on language, syntax, flow, diction, clarity, and paper organization.

Discounted 2nd Reviews
When you use Standard Copy Editing services, we will provide a 2nd Review of your full paper (up to the number of pages originally submitted) at 25% off the original project cost.

Standard Copy Editing
Automatically includes the services under Format Editing as part of the per page rate.

Discounted consultation/Coaching
For each paid project, 50% off up to one hour.

Format Editing

Format Editing includes specific editing for no more than two of the featured services below. It does not include line editing or the discounted 2nd review. These services are for formatting issues only. However, all Standard Copy Editing includes the services below if requested at time of service.

Table of Contents
Configures the Table of Contents, list of tables, and/or list of figures which can be automatically updated as revisions are completed.

Style Formatting
Checks for and corrects style format (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago) of all citations referenced in the document. It also may include adjusting paper format to particular school requirements (e.g., pagination, margins, etc.).

Checks in-text citations to ensure they match and are accounted for in the Bibliography/References.

Professional Feedback
Provides comments and recommendations on subject content and/or incorporating feedback from advisors, such as organization and structuring arguments.

Uses existing data to create graphics, including tables, charts, figures, etc.

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